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メーカー:ランティス  発売日: 2014年10月08日  JAN: 4540774903641
TVアニメ「Free!-Eternal Summer-」のサウンドトラック・アルバム。「Dried Up Youthful Fame (TV size) [TVアニメ『Free!-Eternal Summer-』OP主題歌]」、「FUTURE FISH (TV size) [TVアニメ『Free!-Eternal Summer-』ED主題歌]」を含む全62曲収録の2枚組。
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アーティスト TVサントラ
レーベル ---
枚数 2枚組み
限定盤 通常
曲数 62曲
曲名 DISK1
1.Dried Up Youthful Fame (TV size) [TVアニメ『Free!-Eternal Summer-』OP主題歌]
2.Beginning beat
3.Dive to the future
4.A beautiful day
5.Join us!
6.High spirits
7.Our promise
8.Side by side
9.Your wish
11.Threat of whale shark
12.Good fellowship
13.Brand new season
14.What the hell?
15.Theme of sea otter
16.Noshi swim
17.Each way
18.Signs of changing
19.Maybe someday
20.Be true to myself
21.Heated swim
22.Real intention
23.Do not disturb him
24.Powerful swim
25.Raging swim
26.Go toward
27.Mixed emotions
28.Precious teammate
29.Pure decision
30.Get ready!!

1.What you see
2.Ordinary days
3.Distress of the past
4.Never say never
5.Always together (part 1)
6.Always together (part 2)
7.Best friend
8.My future, your future
10.Weakness and toughness
11.In a daze
12.Step to hope
13.Leave me alone
14.Trailer of Eternal Summer -bitter-
15.Realized my feeling (part 1)
16.Realized my feeling (part 2)
17.Other self
18.My best team
19.Trailer of Eternal Summer -emotion-
20.Trailer of Eternal Summer -resolution-
21.Only for you
22.Lost my way
23.Feel my heart
24.Way to blue departure
25.Take your marks
26.Trailer of Eternal Summer -hope-
27.Trailer of Eternal Summer -future-
28.Swim for my dream
29.Eternal blue
30.Clear Blue Departure [TVアニメ『Free!-Eternal Summer-』13話ED主題歌]
その他 全32曲
タイアップ情報 Dried Up Youthful Fame (TV size) [TVアニメ『Free!-Eternal Summer-』OP主題歌]
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